torsdag, november 17, 2005

Now I have 6 projects...

I went to see the supervisor for my thesis yesterday, since I feel totally confused at the moment and I have no focus what so ever. I desperately wanted some help to see how I could turn all my thoughts into something that actually could pass as an academic article. I got no help at all and returned home in tears. He basically said "do whatever you want, take your time and find a focus". He was perfectly nice, but he said zip that I didn't know before I went there. So frustrating.
Anyway, I cried a little and made Andreas go buy me some chocolate. Since I couldn't stand the computer at the moment I decided to cast on another project, this time a scarf for me. Casting on projects always make me in a good mood, I love the Feather and Fan pattern (in swedish it is called sea foam, I like that even more) and this yarn is supersoft and woolly. So now I have 6 projects. The grey scarf, my charcoal Arisaig, the christmas present bags, the socks for Maria (and I fear I'll have to start over on those) and a Cosy. The Cosy will rest for a while I think.

Today, the plan is actually moving forward. I probably only had to sleep on the problem one more night, because I actually feel much better about it now. I have decided that I dislike my supervisor though, and I probably won't ask him for help in the future.

BTW, the day ended like this. Who can go to sleep unhappy after sitting with this in her lap for 2 hours?


Blogger aurora said...

You have the cutest cats!

Have you tried doing something like a mind-map, or stream of conciousness writing, to get your thoughts out? I'm not sure what your thesis is on, but I find that mapping things out graphically on a biiiiig piece of paper helps me to sort out my ideas.

8:59 em  
Blogger Emma said...

Thanks you, I think they are the cutest too, when they aren't peeing in my bed or sofa...

Maybe I'll try the mapping thing tomorrow. It's a good idea.

12:17 fm  
Blogger aurora said...

How did it go?

(Mine pee places that they shouldn't, too. Darn cats!)

10:47 em  

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