onsdag, september 13, 2006

Stitch and bitch

I found a note in my LYS a couple of weeks ago, from a girl that wanted to meet knitters in the area. Today I got a mail, and a group of about five will get togheter next tuesday. Fun! I am really looking forward to it.

We decided not to buy the house. I did get a vague promise from my boss about work in the future, so we seriously looked at buying it but we realized that it was just too much work. We still want a house in the countryside, but not this.

I have choir practice tonight. The weather is lovely. Life is ok.

torsdag, september 07, 2006

life decisions

We would like to live in a house at some point. This house is perfect. We can afford it (wouldn't be able to afford it if it was in the south were we live now). We could have sheep. The cats could go out. I love it. A has not seen it in real life yet, but I am sure he would love it. This house is only ten minutes outside of the town where my family lives and where I now work.

I have this temporary job that i like, but it is 400 kilometers from where I now live with A. Right now I just want the evenings to pass so I can work again and then go home to A and spend time with him during the weekend.

I love the university town where we live, but houses and apartments are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e and my family is far away. We have a lot of friends that we would miss if we moved though.

My contract for this job is only until the end of the year. My bosses say that they love me and they want to keep me, but I know that they probably can't promise me a permanent position right now even if they'd like to. The person that I am covering for is sick and has a right to come back when she gets better. If she want and if she gets better, which noone knows. They can possibly offer me a longer temp position, but probably only six months at a time.

A doesn't have a permanent job. He has two part time jobs that pays a little. On the other hand, he has nothing up here. He has no friends in this town (neither have I, really, but I am getting to know people through work). There is my family, but no friends. He misses me like crazy, though, and is prepared to move here if I get a permanant position.

But I don't know if I'll get to keep my job. We don't know if A can get a job here.

We have to decide soon if we want to buy this place.

I want a miracle.

I want this house.

torsdag, augusti 31, 2006

the sucky thing about weekend commuting

I HATE being so far from A all the time.

I do love being closer to the rest of my family though. Even though I mostly see my parents (since I live with them - duh) I try to hang out with the sisters (ginger, sporty and baby. Which makes me posh, I guess, since all of us are equally scary) as much as I can. Sporty has made me promise to join her and buy a gym card, and in exchange I made her start singing in a choir with me. Now it seems like both ginger and baby also want to sing. Well, I guess it comes with the names...

I still don´t have a picture of the socks. One is nearly finished, so there is progress in the knitting. Tonight the LYS are open until nine, so I'm going there to buy Alpaca yarn for that cardigan that I have been wanting to knit forever. I feel a little guilty doing that, because I have promised to knit A a sweater this fall... but he needs to pick out a pattern first. And I can knit two big projects at once, right?

onsdag, augusti 23, 2006


Slippers felted, husband happy.

I started a pair of socks last trainride, from the Nancy Bush's "The travelling knitter". I love this book. I want to make all the socks in this book. Picture of WIP after next weekend, when I have had access to the camera...

Also, I found 500 grams of lovely cotton/wool on sale, but I have absolutely no clue about what to do with it. It's not enough to make a sweater, which is too bad because I immediately saw a lovely pattern from Drops flashing before my eyes, when I laid my hands on these balls. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

fredag, augusti 18, 2006

LYS:s everywhere

The town where I live (go back to every weekend) is a student town. It's three times the size of the small home town where I now work, and of course I wait until the weekend to go shopping - there are at least ten times more stores, not to mention the coffeeshops.
Yarn is the big exception though. In the student town, there is one very decent LYS, and there is at least one very expensive specialty shop that sell the most beautifyl flax and one-ply wool... but a knitter sometimes need the normal, wool-acrylic sock yarn and the friendly knitter-to-knitter chat. Since I never clicked with the people in the LYS there, I have always felt a bit lost.
Yesterday I took a walk around town here in Cow-ville, and I found not less than two fully equipped yarn-stores with everything from the fancy to the... whatever the opposite of fancy is. I also found three textile shops that has a small but very cheap section of yarn and needles. To add on, I already know of a very very cheap yarn-store just outside of town. Oh what joy!
Yesterday I only had time to check one store out though, but I immediately became friends with the owner and I have promised to go show her my copy of Interweave Knits next week - she has never seen it since you can't buy it here in Sweden.

lördag, augusti 12, 2006

The good thing about spending 6 h a week on a train

is the time freed up for knitting! I finished a pair of fuzzy feet for my sweet husband (I love saying that) and tomorrow I will felt them for him. I made him a pair last year, from Noro wool, and he loved them and wore them until it was more whole than slipper left. This year I decided to make a pair from more durable wool.

I also started on the Retro Handbag from the new Interweave Knits.
I have almost more handbags than I can use, but I love these needles that I bought for no money at all in a second-handshop, and I have been longing for a chance to use them.
Vintage needles are the best, I think. Some day I´ll buy glass ones and try (mostly because they are beautiful) but until then I'll keep buying needles for a dollar/pair at markets and fairs.

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight. One of A:s guy friends has finally found a girlfriend that seems to last, and I am going to meet her for the first time even though they have been going out for five months now. That gives us a great opportunity to try the baking stone by having small pizzas with artichoces, marinated garlic and capers for entré, and trying the new pasta machine and make ravioli with spinache and Ricotta for main course. A made his amazing Tiramisu for dessert so it'll be an all Italian dinner.

(The baking stone and the pasta machine were wedding presents, BTW. I love presents. Maybe we should get married again...?)

torsdag, augusti 10, 2006

As I said in my last post, I have an amazing friend who spent hours and hours on making me a wedding dress. Here are two pictures from just before the wedding.

We got married in a church from the 12th century, the same church as where my parents were married 30 years ago.