torsdag, maj 04, 2006

Building a nest...

Look who moved in to the bike shed! This is my bike, and I guess that says something about how often my bike gets to see the surroundings... The eggs are so pretty, green and tiny. I guess we just have to watch the cats when we let them out in the yard for the next couple of weeks. How long is it until the blackbird youngs leave the nest?

Also, I got this in the mail yesterday! YARN!! Yeehah! Most of it is this wonderful feltable four-ply. I will make so many pretty things, as soon as the student carnival 2006 is history. Come june, I will have time to knit again.
I did continue on Twist though, now that I can. I must say, it's not too exciting knitting on a thick cardigan when the summer temprature finally arrives. I guess I'll be happy about it in september.