måndag, januari 23, 2006

Ah, time for knitting!

So, my thesis is in and the examination is over. Finally! I have my degree! Now I need to get a full time job, but at least i get some time to breathe and last but not least - knit - inbetween filling out applications and going on interviews.
There are so many patterns calling for my attention right now. The new drops issue will be out soon. They have released pictures, and I ADORE so many of them already.

I really want to make all of these, and there are some others that I love as well. What to do, what to do? Luckily enough, I have yarn for the first one, nice pale blue, that used to be a hat and a scarf. I frogged it this morning and it will be on needles as soon as i get the pattern...

onsdag, januari 04, 2006

panic is around the corner

Damn all those people getting married! Why oh why can't they plan the dates better! My high school best friend´s wedding is on Friday. It's 6 hours by car from here. I don't own a car = expensive to hire. Presents, new dress, staying at an inn... all this in the days after christmas. I love them and I want to go to the wedding, of course, but my thesis is due on monday!! Time is running out! I need to finish as much as I can until tomorrow night, so I can enjoy the wedding.
Anyway, here is another picture of the furbaby. Vida is enjoying my scarf. I wish I could be her right now.

måndag, januari 02, 2006

Happy new year

I had such a good time with the family, even though I missed A. Now I am back and I am not even allowed to think of knitting until the thesis are in. This is just a short break to show you guys some pictures; the wristband for E, the hat for T, the scarf for my mother - and my christmas present from mom! Well now, isn't that just torture for the moment?!
I'll see you again after the 9:th. Wish me luck. I won't leave my desk, and I won't look at a single web page not related to my theses (hmmm... does knitting inspire democracy?).