onsdag, november 30, 2005


Looky looky! Progress on Christmas socks for Maria! I have been stuck on the striped part (knit white purl blue) and it took FOREVER but now it's going by pretty fast! Yay!
And today I finished a paper that I have actually enjoyed writing (it was on copyright law and the discussion surrounding recent changes in it) and now I only have to finish my theses, and then my time as a student is actually over. I am not sure how to feel about that. I am thinking that I am happy, but I am also thinking that it might be hard to get a job that I will love.
We also moved the computer from the living room to the bedrom today, which creates a totally different feel to the apartement. And it's good. The TV and my knitting is further away here. I need an actual excuse to leave the desk and the computer while I should be working.
But now it's night and any second CSI NY will start. Back to stripey socks!

söndag, november 27, 2005


Andreas had planned to go out for a couple of beers last night, and he wanted me to join. I said "fine, if I can bring my knitting, I'm behind with my christmas presents".

I bet the knitter who is experienced in the combo beer and yarn now goes "oh-oh".

Yes, I got a little drunk. Yes, I needed to do some frogging today. Yes, I'm pretty much back to where I started yesterday night. Still, I was nice to sit in this old english-style pub whith a knitting in my lap, and at least I didn't drop it in the beer.

torsdag, november 24, 2005

A good day to curl up in the sofa

it's just that I don't really have time to do that so I'm just dreaming away instead.
I haven't finished anything lately, but I am almost done with one glove. I also decided that one of my sisters doesn't want a felted bag. I am making fuzzy feet for her instead. Since I am working tonight I hope to get some knitting done (very good to have a job where knitting is allowed...).

I threw out a bookshelf a couple of days ago, and put it in our storage room instead. This meant that I could carry down lots of stuff that I don't want for display and it there, without risking it getting ruined. My old journals for example. I had no idea that there was so many of them. One entire shelf of my journal entries alone. I wrote almost every day from age 14 to 22. I haven't looked at them for years and I stopped myself from peeking now or I would have to read it all. I don't think that I want to. I was such a superficial teenager, but I thougth that I was soo intellectual, important and soulful (is that a word? direct translation from swedish). Relly. And still, I thought that I was noone without a boyfriend. Pathetic. Maybe I should destroy them. Or maybe I should keep them as a reminder to myself that I get smarter, prettier and more humble the older I get... ;)

Well, I should go back to my paper so I can spend some time knitting without guilty feelings later.

måndag, november 21, 2005


I got an hour in the laundry room anyway! So here they are, birhtday present for one sister and Christmas gift for sister in law ("to be" I should add). Yay, only a bizillion projects to go!

Monday monday

I slept in today, and it was sooooo nice. Me and Andreas both worked saturday night, I got to go home at 4 am which was nice (A worked ´til 7 am), but I was still pretty beat up yesterday.
I tried to get a last minute laundry time today to felt the finished bags, but no luck. Instead I'll show off some old stuff. This is my beloved nephew and his wonderful mom. Please disregard the baby puke on the cardigan.

I loved knitting this cardigan, it turned out great I think. He seems to like it as well.

I turned in the plan for my thesis today also. Yey! Now it's just the actual thesis, and the stupid paper that I didn't turn in two months ago left. But today I don't have to worry about them.

Also, I got the nice bars now! (Got the idea from you, Aurora.) I have promised myself that I won't start any new projects before I get the bottom 5 finished. We'll see how that goes...

torsdag, november 17, 2005

Now I have 6 projects...

I went to see the supervisor for my thesis yesterday, since I feel totally confused at the moment and I have no focus what so ever. I desperately wanted some help to see how I could turn all my thoughts into something that actually could pass as an academic article. I got no help at all and returned home in tears. He basically said "do whatever you want, take your time and find a focus". He was perfectly nice, but he said zip that I didn't know before I went there. So frustrating.
Anyway, I cried a little and made Andreas go buy me some chocolate. Since I couldn't stand the computer at the moment I decided to cast on another project, this time a scarf for me. Casting on projects always make me in a good mood, I love the Feather and Fan pattern (in swedish it is called sea foam, I like that even more) and this yarn is supersoft and woolly. So now I have 6 projects. The grey scarf, my charcoal Arisaig, the christmas present bags, the socks for Maria (and I fear I'll have to start over on those) and a Cosy. The Cosy will rest for a while I think.

Today, the plan is actually moving forward. I probably only had to sleep on the problem one more night, because I actually feel much better about it now. I have decided that I dislike my supervisor though, and I probably won't ask him for help in the future.

BTW, the day ended like this. Who can go to sleep unhappy after sitting with this in her lap for 2 hours?

onsdag, november 16, 2005

Hearts, dogs, ducks and trains!

Here it is! The only change from before is the neck. It turned out bigger than I expected, but hey, he gets to wear it longer that way. Now, we are eagerly waiting for the actual baby. Come on Darius, surprise your mom and come out soon!

What´s with this month anyway

I always feel frustrated in November. I guess it has to do with the changing of season, but I can't wait for this semester to be over, for Christmas to arrive, for anything better than my moody self today.
Anyhow, there are some good things going on too. I am halfway through the back part of my Arisaig and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I can´t wait to wear it. I am making it in this wonderful natural charcoal wool, which is really hard to photograph but I'll get a picture out later on.
I also have a great party to look forward to friday, and I'll go see a show Thursday (gotta love VarGladspex).

tisdag, november 15, 2005

Gotta love results

I blocked and sewed the baby sweater togeter yesterday. All that is left now is to crochet the lace around the neck. I hope that the mother-to-be will like it. She better, since she picked the pattern... :)

I also tried to take a picture of the latest bag, not felted yet. Siri decided that I was wrong though. I didn't put the bag on the floor to take a picture, I made her a bed. She does think that everything I do is with the intent to please her in one way or another. My little diva...

Anyway, here it is. We'll see how it turns out later.

Finally, this is what Siri and Vida looked like this morning. I love them.

måndag, november 14, 2005

I am such a terrible student at the moment...

The plan for my thesis is due next week. And I can´t seem to get anything done. I have been surfing, knitting, making excuses and coffee all day and I feel like such a looser. I DON´T WANT TO BE A STUDENT ANYMORE, I WANT A FULL TIME JOB GOD DAMMIT!
Well, just for the heck of it, I'll go return keys from the party this weekend, give blood and buy a crochet hook so that I can finish the baby sweater later on.

I start by showing off.

Here are my latest projects.

First, my version of the Sophie handbag. This was for my youngest sisters birthday in october. She loved it. My other sisters loved it. They are expecting great deeds from me for christmas.

And these are for me: my wristwarmers! I love them, I wear them all the time now. I am not sure what the yarn is made of... it´s not pure wool anyway. Maybe part flax.