måndag, november 21, 2005

Monday monday

I slept in today, and it was sooooo nice. Me and Andreas both worked saturday night, I got to go home at 4 am which was nice (A worked ´til 7 am), but I was still pretty beat up yesterday.
I tried to get a last minute laundry time today to felt the finished bags, but no luck. Instead I'll show off some old stuff. This is my beloved nephew and his wonderful mom. Please disregard the baby puke on the cardigan.

I loved knitting this cardigan, it turned out great I think. He seems to like it as well.

I turned in the plan for my thesis today also. Yey! Now it's just the actual thesis, and the stupid paper that I didn't turn in two months ago left. But today I don't have to worry about them.

Also, I got the nice bars now! (Got the idea from you, Aurora.) I have promised myself that I won't start any new projects before I get the bottom 5 finished. We'll see how that goes...


Blogger aurora said...

Hey, no worries....I got the bars because I saw them on other sites and I WANTED them!

Babies puke. At least you know the cardigan is loved! And I'm glad to hear that the thesis plan is in and all that :-) Yay!

9:27 em  
Blogger Rain said...

What a cutie! The cardigan looks great on him.

1:10 em  

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