söndag, november 27, 2005


Andreas had planned to go out for a couple of beers last night, and he wanted me to join. I said "fine, if I can bring my knitting, I'm behind with my christmas presents".

I bet the knitter who is experienced in the combo beer and yarn now goes "oh-oh".

Yes, I got a little drunk. Yes, I needed to do some frogging today. Yes, I'm pretty much back to where I started yesterday night. Still, I was nice to sit in this old english-style pub whith a knitting in my lap, and at least I didn't drop it in the beer.


Blogger Rain said...

There ought to be laws about being in charge of needles when drunk.

Hope it didn't set you back too much.

10:42 em  
Blogger Heidi said...

oh oh is right... friends don't let friends knit drunk....

4:23 fm  

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