torsdag, november 24, 2005

A good day to curl up in the sofa

it's just that I don't really have time to do that so I'm just dreaming away instead.
I haven't finished anything lately, but I am almost done with one glove. I also decided that one of my sisters doesn't want a felted bag. I am making fuzzy feet for her instead. Since I am working tonight I hope to get some knitting done (very good to have a job where knitting is allowed...).

I threw out a bookshelf a couple of days ago, and put it in our storage room instead. This meant that I could carry down lots of stuff that I don't want for display and it there, without risking it getting ruined. My old journals for example. I had no idea that there was so many of them. One entire shelf of my journal entries alone. I wrote almost every day from age 14 to 22. I haven't looked at them for years and I stopped myself from peeking now or I would have to read it all. I don't think that I want to. I was such a superficial teenager, but I thougth that I was soo intellectual, important and soulful (is that a word? direct translation from swedish). Relly. And still, I thought that I was noone without a boyfriend. Pathetic. Maybe I should destroy them. Or maybe I should keep them as a reminder to myself that I get smarter, prettier and more humble the older I get... ;)

Well, I should go back to my paper so I can spend some time knitting without guilty feelings later.