torsdag, augusti 31, 2006

the sucky thing about weekend commuting

I HATE being so far from A all the time.

I do love being closer to the rest of my family though. Even though I mostly see my parents (since I live with them - duh) I try to hang out with the sisters (ginger, sporty and baby. Which makes me posh, I guess, since all of us are equally scary) as much as I can. Sporty has made me promise to join her and buy a gym card, and in exchange I made her start singing in a choir with me. Now it seems like both ginger and baby also want to sing. Well, I guess it comes with the names...

I still don´t have a picture of the socks. One is nearly finished, so there is progress in the knitting. Tonight the LYS are open until nine, so I'm going there to buy Alpaca yarn for that cardigan that I have been wanting to knit forever. I feel a little guilty doing that, because I have promised to knit A a sweater this fall... but he needs to pick out a pattern first. And I can knit two big projects at once, right?


Blogger Rain said...

It sounds like you have a great time with your sisters.

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