fredag, augusti 18, 2006

LYS:s everywhere

The town where I live (go back to every weekend) is a student town. It's three times the size of the small home town where I now work, and of course I wait until the weekend to go shopping - there are at least ten times more stores, not to mention the coffeeshops.
Yarn is the big exception though. In the student town, there is one very decent LYS, and there is at least one very expensive specialty shop that sell the most beautifyl flax and one-ply wool... but a knitter sometimes need the normal, wool-acrylic sock yarn and the friendly knitter-to-knitter chat. Since I never clicked with the people in the LYS there, I have always felt a bit lost.
Yesterday I took a walk around town here in Cow-ville, and I found not less than two fully equipped yarn-stores with everything from the fancy to the... whatever the opposite of fancy is. I also found three textile shops that has a small but very cheap section of yarn and needles. To add on, I already know of a very very cheap yarn-store just outside of town. Oh what joy!
Yesterday I only had time to check one store out though, but I immediately became friends with the owner and I have promised to go show her my copy of Interweave Knits next week - she has never seen it since you can't buy it here in Sweden.


Blogger Rain said...

Wow, that sounds perfect, a LYS round every corner.

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