lördag, april 01, 2006

Spring cleaning!

I decided that my blog needed a makeover. After all it's spring time. And since I am a girl very much into her chocolate and coffee, here is the result. In the process, I lost the result bars for my WIP, but to be honest I found them somewhat a pain in the ass anyway. I was no good at updating them, and I don't need more things to give me guilty feelings.
I am almost done with my tank top, and I LOVE IT! It makes me a bit selfconcious about that tummy of mine, but since I am planning a little makeover on me as well, I hope it'll fit perfectly come summer. Pictures will appear as soon as it's all finished.
I am about to go to work, which makes me feel quite happy. It's no fun looking for a job full time, and a night now and then at this part time job makes me feel better about myself. The lutheran guilt - be productive or you´re nothing - is killing me some days.
Besides, I get to meet a lot of people that I know, they will be drunk and happy and I can knit as long as I can put it aside when anyone needs me. Yay!


Blogger Rain said...

Great new colour.

I can't wait to see your tank top finnished.

12:20 fm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

I love the color. Go, tank top. Isn't hoping/planning for warmer weather great?

1:18 fm  

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