lördag, februari 18, 2006

Darius again

Isn't he too cute?
The olympic knitting is slowly getting somewhere. I am done with the boring back piece and i love the cables on the front even more than on the picture of the original cardigan. On this picture it curls up quite a bit, so it looks more like a sleeve, but it is a front piece, i promise...


Blogger Rain said...

The cables are looking great.

Darius looks a lot better. Far too much kitty cuteness!

2:00 em  
Blogger Emma said...

I know Rain, I am very tempted to keep him. But I can´t, we alreadey have two cats and our place is way too small for three cats and 2 people.

2:18 em  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

Gorgeous kitties! Nice cables, too, by the way ; )

I'm so inspired seeing everyone else doing their Olympic knitting that I feel the need to . . . vacuum my floor.

(Found you through Rain's comments -- nice blog!)

6:53 em  

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