onsdag, december 07, 2005

Mood: much better today

Yay! Elsa´s first wristwarmer down and the other one is half finished! I like these so much, much better then the gloves she originally wished for. I'll just tell her that this is the charm in getting christmas presents from a knitter - you never now exactly what you will get...
New Knitty is out also. Joy! I haven't had time to look in depth yet, since the only activity by the computer in the last two days have been watching 9 Gilmore Girls episodes . Seriously, I couldn't stop myself. It took those girls 9 freakin' episodes to make up! (and yes, I have been avoiding any democracy theory)
Anyway; thesis update... I just got back from the city hall after a meeting with an administrator and I got a lot of good stuff. I'll get to it this afternoon, after the drinking of coffee and eating of the cake Andreas made yesterday.


Blogger Rain said...

I really like them. I find wrist warmers better than gloves sometimes so I can't see her being disappointed. Great pattern.

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