onsdag, november 30, 2005


Looky looky! Progress on Christmas socks for Maria! I have been stuck on the striped part (knit white purl blue) and it took FOREVER but now it's going by pretty fast! Yay!
And today I finished a paper that I have actually enjoyed writing (it was on copyright law and the discussion surrounding recent changes in it) and now I only have to finish my theses, and then my time as a student is actually over. I am not sure how to feel about that. I am thinking that I am happy, but I am also thinking that it might be hard to get a job that I will love.
We also moved the computer from the living room to the bedrom today, which creates a totally different feel to the apartement. And it's good. The TV and my knitting is further away here. I need an actual excuse to leave the desk and the computer while I should be working.
But now it's night and any second CSI NY will start. Back to stripey socks!


Blogger Rain said...

They're looking great so far, can't wait to see them finished.

12:42 em  
Blogger aurora said...

Hey, I didn't notice the colour change in the progress bars! It looks great!

I love knitting in front of good tv :-)

2:15 em  

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