fredag, december 02, 2005


Well, I can´t decide my mood today. I have been crabby all morning, avoiding to start working for real on my thesis (which I will do eventually today). Andreas have been wonderful though. He came home a couple of minutes ago with flowers for me and he has put on Ella's christmas album which he knows that I love. I am so spoilt. So I feel very loved today, and totally not deserving of this goodness from him.
Yesterday I decided that I hated the gloves that I have been making for my youngest sister, and I can´t give her a christmas present that I myself hate. So I frogged them and started on wrist warmers for her instead. It'll be better but it is a couple of nights work for nothing.
By the way, does anyone know how to get mood icons easily on blogger? I have seen that they are very easy to get on livejournal but I don't feel like changing host right now. I don't like the ones on imood otherwise that would be an option.


Blogger aurora said...

I've never seen mood icons on blogger - but then, I've not really looked for them :-).

C'mon, thesis! (This is easy for me to say as I am doing NOTHING right now...). I'm thinking of doing the Kate cat for Knitty as a gift for my sis - darned warm weather making knitted gifts redundant!

Are you using a pattern, or designing on the needles?

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