fredag, december 09, 2005

new baby in town

So my friend had her cecarion (sp?) yesterday. I talked to her the night before, and afterwards I decided to make a fast hat so I could bring something when we greeted the newborn. Unfortunately it turned out too big, I could almost wear it... Here it is. A fast and easy project.
He is not named yet, poor kid. The father wants Darius, the mother wants Sakarias. I tried to talk them in to Sixten, but with no luck. Feel free to give more suggestions.

Things that worry me today:
  • The tiny kitten that I saw on campus yesterday. It's getting cold out, but I know that my own cats feel very threatened with other animals and I don't want to trigger the whole peeing circus again by bringing it here.
  • Will I be able to get a job after finishing my thesis?
  • Who will we ask to sing at our wedding this summer? I have some friends that can sing, but I am very reluctant to ask them, for many reasons. Another friend has already said that she would prefere not to. And will we be able to get one of the ministers that I know and prefere?

Things that excite me today:

  • Christmas is getting closer. I will see my family soon!
  • I get a car today! Only for 10 days, but that's always something. God, I am going to crave a car even more when I have to return it come Christmas.
  • I get a sewing machine today! I love my mom...


Blogger Rain said...

It's a shame the hat won't fit. Hope the baby gets a name soon.

A job as an Intelligence Analyst sounds great, good luck with your application.

10:23 fm  
Blogger aurora said...

Wow, I'd love your mum too!

Hmm, could you check out singers in your local area, maybe from the local schools or universities? I'd be wary of getting a friend to sing, just because it puts a lot of pressure on the friend. But that's just me.

11:58 em  
Blogger Emma said...

Aurora: We´ve been thinking about that, it´s just that we know a lot of musically talanted people. As it seems, they´ll all have other things on their minds during the wedding. I wouldn´t want to as my maid of honour, for example.

10:40 fm  

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