onsdag, januari 04, 2006

panic is around the corner

Damn all those people getting married! Why oh why can't they plan the dates better! My high school best friend´s wedding is on Friday. It's 6 hours by car from here. I don't own a car = expensive to hire. Presents, new dress, staying at an inn... all this in the days after christmas. I love them and I want to go to the wedding, of course, but my thesis is due on monday!! Time is running out! I need to finish as much as I can until tomorrow night, so I can enjoy the wedding.
Anyway, here is another picture of the furbaby. Vida is enjoying my scarf. I wish I could be her right now.


Blogger Rain said...

I hope you get your thesis done in time.

Just after Christmas is a terrible time for a wedding. Hope you enjoy it though.

10:41 fm  

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