torsdag, december 15, 2005

working like a bee...

This is one of the reasons I haven't posted much lately. WIP:s and some FO:s. You will get better pictures closer to Christmas, when it's all done. Here are:
bag - birhtday present for one sister. For christmas she will get felted wristwarmers, not yet on needles.
Fuzzy feet for other sister
Wristwarmers for third sister
bag for A:s sister
Lace scarf - my mom´s birthday is on christmas eve so it's her birhtday present. She will probably get a good book for christmas.
Striped scarf for second sisters boyfriend
Yellow and green hat for first sisters boyfriend.
I have abandoned the lovikka hat for boyfriend of sister #3 and he will probably get a simular hat as #1, not yet on needles.
The striped sock is for best friend. It took such a long time to do the striped part. I'll finish everything else before I do her second sock.
Buying presents for: dad, nephew (7), nephew (1) and A. Making figue jam for A:s parents and my grandparents.

The other reason I have been busy: thesis thesis thesis. It's actually moving forward. I might get it done in time. This is nothing more than a miracle.

I have frogged the Cosy and I am REALLY looking forward to the day I can go back to my Arisaig. I miss her.


Blogger Rain said...

Wow, you have been busy!

The scarf for your Mum is lovely and I really like the stripey scarf too.

Lucky family.

5:14 em  

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