onsdag, april 26, 2006

Spending money

First of all, I have a new project! This scarf is very slowly progressing, but I won't need to wear it until september so that´s fine. I love the pattern (Field of flowers) and I love the yarn, a delicate one-ply wool.
Second, I have just ordered lots of yarn! My excuse is that I need one ball so that I can finish off Twist, and since the postage is the same no matter how much you order, this would be a very expensive yarn if I didn't order some more. Like 10 hanks of wonderful feltable 4-ply wool (bags, fuzzyfeet, wristwarmers), 100 grams superwash that later become a Hermione hat and some wool-alpaca mix that will make a hat for A.
Also, I am now subscribing to Interweave Knits Magazine. I am very excited to get the first issue.
I really can´t afford all this, but hey I´m bored and I have to do some comfort shopping... and what could be better than yarn and knitting mags... (actually shoes and handbags would do the trick also, but that is even more expensive).


Blogger Rain said...

1 ply! You must be mad - or have the patience of a saint.

It looks very pretty so far.

12:01 fm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

Oooooooooh. Some day, I will get lace brain by proxy, some day. It's lovely. You'll appreciate it this fall.

2:44 fm  

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