måndag, april 17, 2006

Not knitting and not thinking

I just realized, sitting down to write this post, that I put my contacts in the wrong eyes this morning. I mean, I put the one for the left eye in the right eye and the opposite way around. This explains my rather disoriented and groggy morning, and I feel quite stupid as I write...

Anyway, easter came and went. My fiancé and I went for a mini cruise between Copenhagen and Oslo with his parents and his sister. It was nice, Oslo is beautiful. I looked for yarn stores and find none, but that I wasn't too disappointed since I have no money. We had increadable weather though and we especially enjoyed the buffée on the boat that was super. I stuffed myself on shrimps, four kinds of salmon, fresh fruit and an amazing chocolate cake and felt very good about myself afterwards.

Entertaining the inlaws can be a bit exhausting at times though. They are very careful in everything they do, they are extreamely slow and they often feel embarressed. Even thought they have known me for years, they are still very quiet around me and sooner or later I always run out on topics. When they go somewhere, they wait around for each other all the time and they always expect me and A to make desicions for them. A also tends to pamper them, but at the same time he gets more and more frustrated with them and with their ways. They are very nice people, but it is very hard to have a fun time with them. And I did miss my own family.

Not much is happining with my knitting at the moment. I have started again on Twist, but since I don´t have enough yarn at home to finish, I'm ok with the slow pace. I am also on a yarn diet since we have absolutely no money to spare at the moment, so if I start any new projects it'll have to be with something in my stash. I have a lot of stuff there, I just need to let the projects come to me.

Now, off to meet a friend and prepare todays activities. We are cleaning a small empty house so that our student organisation can move in, and then we´ll have some beer. Fun fun!


Blogger Rain said...

My brother lives in Oslo and it is very beautiful. It sounds like you had a good trip away despite dragging the in-laws around with you.

It sounds like an ideal time to start exploring your stash for something fun to play with.

11:38 fm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

I hate it when I do that with my contacts! My eyes are just close enough together that it takes me a good while to notice. Or-- when you manage to flip a lens inside out? That's quicker for me to fix -- ouch.

Good for you on the yarn diet and I hear you with the inlaws! You need to knit some to relax after that.

4:58 em  

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