tisdag, mars 28, 2006

Still here

I know, I am sorry. I did disappear from the face of the earth for a while. I got sick in the middle of the Olympic Knitting and I have been rejecting that whole project ever since. This is how far Twist has come. I haven't touched her for a month now, but I think that I soon will be ready to see her again on a regular basis.

I did start and finish some other projects though. Meet Araisig:

I was way off on gauge. At one point I actually wondered if she was going to fit at all (be too tight I mean), and now look at this... You can tell that it's not time for me to design my own sweater yet... ;)
But I kind of like the loose fit, I have been somewhat of a coach potato lately and it's snuggly and warm. I think that the hooks that keep the wrap in place also will make a big difference in the fit.

My latest project is this. I love the old book that this pattern came from. It has the greatest stuff in it. Too bad I can´t do crochet, but the knitting patterns are also good. I have been looking at this picture for years, and finally I got to start working on it.

Working on both the top and the waist of course. I need to slim down some to be able to wear this. I don't own a scale so i have no idea if I have lost weight, but I think that I look somewhat skinnier than before.

Come summer, I'll be a babe in white:

I LOVE knitting this. The yarn is a mercerised cotton which makes it a nice luster. It is a pretty quick knit, and the cables are easy but decorative. Hurray!

I also have this yarn in a beautiful red, and I spend my time dreaming about what I want to do with it. Maybe the same top in red. What do you think?

fredag, mars 24, 2006

Spring is coming