lördag, februari 18, 2006

Darius again

Isn't he too cute?
The olympic knitting is slowly getting somewhere. I am done with the boring back piece and i love the cables on the front even more than on the picture of the original cardigan. On this picture it curls up quite a bit, so it looks more like a sleeve, but it is a front piece, i promise...

tisdag, februari 07, 2006

This is our litte fosterkitty Darius. We took him in from the street and reported him to this nice organisation that offers to pay for the medical bills and find a permanent home for him. He was a mess, the fur was all grease and he had an ugly bite on the tail. An amputation, four showers and lots of food and love later, he looks a lot better...

The world is scary...

He loves Vida, one of our cats and they play all the time (and yes, now when I have seen on picture how filthy our floor looks, I´ll go vacuum).

onsdag, februari 01, 2006


I loved knitting Fred. It was a delight. I will for sure make more Freds as soon as I has had an opportunity to go back to Vartofta Garn. The yarn is a 4-ply natural wool that felted beautifully. Looking up from inside Fred is my Arasaig. I now only have the arms and the band to go.

The pattern for this is from drops, but I added the hole for the thum.